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BlueSerial Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter

Data Sheets

User Manuals

Configuration Program

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Data Sheets

BlueSerial Data Sheet
BlueSerial Datenblatt (Deutsch)

User Manuals

BlueSerial Benutzeranleitung (Deutsch)
BlueSerial User Manual

BlueSerial Configuration Program

BlueSerial Configuration Program Version 1.18.2
BlueSerialConfigDe.zip (deutsche Version)

BlueSerial Configuration Program Version 1.18.10 for Firmware version 1.2.X
BlueSerialConfig_DE_1_18_10.zip (deutsche Version)

BlueSerial Firmware

BlueSerial Firmware 1.1.0

To upgrade your BlueSerial Adapter

  • download the file BSFirmware110.zip and extract all files from the archive to a separate folder. Make sure to use the folder names contained in the archive.

  • connect the BlueSerial adapter to COM1 of your computer and make sure it is powered on.

  • start the update by double clicking the program fwupdate.exe in the folder where you extracted the files. Wait for the update to finish. A copy of your current firmware will be saved during the update.

Attention: to configure your BlueSerial adapter with firmware version 1.1.0 you need the BlueSerial Configuration program version 1.18.2.

BlueSerial Firmware 1.2.10

Version 1.2.10 is a major firmware update which makes the BlueSerial adapter Bluetooth 1.2 compatible, including adaptive frequency hopping for better co-existance with W-LAN networks. Before upgrading to version 1.2.10 please carefully read the release notes.
This Version will work for Class I and Class II devices. The device type will be detected by the upgrade program.
BlueSerial Firmware 1.2.10


Hardware Handshake Configuration Tool
For Firmware releases 1.1.X only !

Hardware handshake can not be modified with the configuration program because it is currently not possible to change this setting remote over a Bluetooth link.

This program can be used to enable / disable hardware (RTS / CTS) handshake on the BlueSerial adapter.
To enable / disable hardware handshake all files from the archive bshs.zip should be extracted to a separate folder. The BlueSerial adapter must be connected to COM1 of your computer and powered on.

Than open a command prompt and change to the folder where the files from the archive have been extracted and type

bshs on

to enable hardware handshake or

bshs off

to disable it.
The actual setting is stored permanently.

Where to buy

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